Saturday, December 4, 2010

fabric find

it was my first ever trip to The City Quilter last night, and no surprise here, it didn't disappoint. i am new to the quilting club, and am in the midst of building my collection of supplies, fabrics, and stuff i think i could use, but will probably never even end up touching (probably because i don't have a clue how to make it do what it's supposed to do*). it can be a little overwhelming to go into a fabric store at this stage in the game as somehow everything speaks to me. i basically want every shade of Kona Cotton, and you can never have too much batting, right?

here's what i walked away with:

a collection of $2 fat quarter solids.

two fat quarters of The City Quilter's special NYC Subway print. i really love the colors and geometric quality of the fabric and am thinking about making potholders with it.

i also got fabrics for my first quilt! i am building it around this neutral cotton boll print that i found at the Purl Bee, as part of a fat quarter bundle. in fact, it was the first FQ bundle i ever bought! i like the idea of a solid blocked quilt, paired with an interesting, busy-ish binding to tie it all together.  

unfortunately, i don't have enough of the cotton boll fabric to encase the entire yet-to-be-made quilt, and can't figure out what it's called. i'd like to look for it online to order a yard to two, but am having a hard time finding it. i might have to make a special trip back to the Purl Bee to see if they still have it in stock. fingers crossed! 

i also saw this really great flower-burst print, and thought it would make a beautiful, bright binding as well. here it is paired with a few of the FQ solids i picked up. 

i've begun cutting strips of solids for my first quilt, and have fabric covering half the floor as i try to figure out combinations and patterns that work for me. i'm just winging it here, and am sure i'm going about it the wrong/hard way, but i'm excited and that's what matters! i'll keep you updated as the project unfolds. literally.

*my lovely boyfriend got me an amazing old Brother knitting machine for christmas last year, and although i am enraptured by the idea of what it can produce, i have absolutely no idea how to work the thing. to be honest, i'm sort of intimidated to even approach it. i'm sure this subject will be making a few more appearances on this blog as it's constantly in the back of my mind.

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