Sunday, December 5, 2010

everybody has a first

i've leapt head-first into making my inaugural quilt. i didn't want to spend countless hours measuring tiny squares, arranging and sewing them together, so i opted for a simpler approach. i cut the neutral, solid material into long strips - just the width of my quilting ruler - and used them like puzzle pieces, placing them on top of the batting on the floor of my (newly re-arranged) apartment. i used the batting as a measuring tool for the size of the quilt as it was easier for me to visualize the dimensions of the thing by actually looking at it, rather than imagining exactly how big 90 inches was going to be.

initially, i was going to make a smaller quilt, saving half of the batting for another project.

then, i unrolled it just to see how much bigger it would actually be, and i couldn't resist just going for it.

here's a shot of my make-shift cutting table and you can see the quilt top coming together on the floor in the background.

once the strips were satisfactorily in place, i pinned them end-to-end to make it easy for me to see who went with who once the sewing began.

the quilt top is now waiting to be ironed and i'll soon begin sewing the long strips together to create a cohesive block. hopefully, by the end of the day i'll be able to start quilting!


  1. I totally cut on my floor. I don't have a table big enough for my 24x36 mat and even if I did, it's not at the proper height. I find I can get better cuts on the floor anyway. It's like sewing yoga :) I like your quilt! I will have to check back to see how it turns out!

  2. hi erin, thanks for the kind words! you are my first commenter and i'm glad to know someone else has gone through what i'm going through now. reading through your blog, it looks like you made it, and hopefully i will to!

    i'll post more as the quilt comes along slowly.

    sewing yoga. i like the sound of that!