join me as I tackle creative projects large and small while trying to overcome my natural inclination to procrastinate and avoidance of numbers, calculations and rules in general!

nyc non-profit fundraiser by day - craft experimentalist by night

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i've always been a little scared of starting a blog, although i read and am inspired by many. i never really imagined what was going on in my life could be all that interesting to someone else, but as i delve deeper and deeper into my crafting projects, i realize that i'm all alone! i don't have many (actually any) friends who are interested in figuring out knitting machines, bias tape, rotary cutters, or threading a serger.   

although i have a full-time job working in the non-profit arts world in new york city, and have a killer view from my office on the 32nd floor, my passion is really making stuff (for lack of a better word).

basically, i have a mediocre skill set, have never been professionally trained, run screaming after spending 5 minutes struggling with a pattern, and lots of ideas swimming around in my head. my goal - similar to so many of you out there - is to use this blog as a motivating place to sift through thoughts, display my efforts, connect with peers and learn something!  

i love perusing thrift stores, altering vintage dresses, anything space-age, modern and minimal, and my newest endeavor is quilting - which you will hear more about soon. 

nice to meet you,
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