Tuesday, January 18, 2011

diamond jack: part two

i did it! i finished quilt top number two - diamond quilt top number one.

i sewed the diamonds end to end to create long diagonal strips.

then i connected them. sounds simple enough, but it really was quite a challenge for me. i've never tried to match corners up, and let me tell you... it didn't come naturally.

slowly it came together, and flaws and all, i think it's perfect.

quilting soon!


  1. You're on your way to being a complete quilt addict! heheh! see ya soon! looks great! well done!

  2. Hi-We didn't get a chance to talk that much today at the modern quilt guild meeting, but I meant to tell you that I really loved your cat in the hat quilt and thought the way you set in in diamonds was really creative...and very brave because its not that easy of a pattern. Great job. Hopefully, I'll see you at future meetings. David

  3. Wow! As a fellow newby quilter I am stunned - you are certainly throwing yourself in at the deep end. I am not sure I will EVER feel brave enough for all those tiny diamonds!