Sunday, January 9, 2011

sewing 101: receiving blanket tutorial

in anticipation of the birth of my first nephew, i'm on a mission to make a bunch of useful stuff for my sister. it also gave me an excuse to buy a few yards of that robert kaufman dr. seuss fabric i've been eyeing for the last few months!

i thought i'd start by making a quilt, but when i began looking at all the fabrics and trying to decide my plan of attack, i knew that if i cut up the print with all the little colorful characters scattered about i'd probably end up with alot of severed arms, legs and heads. not exactly the look i'm going for.

so i decided that a great accompaniment to any quilt is a receiving blanket. and that's what i did. i kept it simple with the seuss fabric top and a soft cotton knit on the back. top it off with some bright red stitching and there you have it!

it's a very simple, functional, quick and easy project, and a great one for beginning sewers, or crafters on the go. i am happy to share my full, free tutorial here. good luck, and happy sewing!


  1. So cute! I would have a hard time cutting into that fabric too . . .

  2. I just read that babies love to stare at stripes during the first few months. It said that their eyes haven't fully developed yet and the lines move to them. A source of constant entertainment- much appreciated I'm sure!! Love the Dr. Seuss fabric too, I want this in an adult size receiving blanket (should it be called an accepting blanket?!)

  3. Looks easy will try it. Thanks for the pattern will check back with you and let you know how it went. Thanks Elizabeth

  4. Thank you, it was ever so helpful!

    Grandma for the 3rd time...:>