Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bridget Riley Squared

i made my first quilt square ever. it's for the NY Metro Mod Quilt Guild meeting tomorrow morning, which will be another premiere.

the february challenge was to make a quarter circle, 8.5" square, incorporating prints and solids. any color, size and number of arcs. 

inspiration for my square came from a giant bridget riley print i have hanging in my apartment. riley experimented with lines and color and became well-known for her graphic work as part of the op art movement in the 60's. i find her art to be the perfect quilting muse. 

here's my quilt square:

here's my riley print:

and here's to a good meeting tomorrow morning! 


  1. hahaha! See you later girl! I know Bridget...
    Your block looks great! great inspiration!

  2. I love your block, especially the pieced part of the corner-- excellent job matching stripes!
    Glad you joined the guild, I'm excited to see how your quilting will grow.

    Life Under Quilts